5 Best Blue Butterfly Teas in United States as in 2022

5 Best Blue Butterfly Teas in United States as in 2024

Blue tea, as the name suggests, is a beverage bearing a prominent blue colour, made from the flowers of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Common names of this medicinal shrub, indigenous to South East Asia, include butterfly pea, cordofan pea, blue pea, aparajitha and Asian pigeonwings.

Blue tea is a popular food trend in recent times, owing to the wonderful benefits it confers, for human health, such as promoting weight loss, detoxifying the body, pacifying the mind, enriching skin texture and improving hair growth. The blue flower imparts its blue colour when steeped in warm or hot water, leading it to be used as a dye, as well as to add colour to various traditional dishes.The impressive nutritional profile of blue tea makes it a wonderful weight loss beverage, as well as a refreshing drink to cool the body, when served chilled. Being naturally caffeine-free and a completely herbal concoction, blue tea just like Green Tea is also a powerhouse of antioxidants.

1. Teacurry - Blue Butterfly Tea

Teacurry Butterfly Pea Flower Tea consists of pure flowers of the Clitoria Ternatea plant sourced from the islands of Andaman. Butterfly pea, Kordofan pea, blue pea, paratha, and Asian pigeonwings are common names of this plant. Teacurry Blue Tea is 100% natural and assists with weight loss, body detoxification, skin glow, hair care, and brain health. Teacurry Blue tea is also known for its pro-digestive properties. Being naturally caffeine-free and a completely herbal concoction, blue tea contains significant amounts of catechin, as well as a host of anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting components.  The earthy flavors of blue tea butterfly pea flower enhance your mood. Consuming 1 cup (180 ml tea, 20 minutes after food) a day of Teacurry Blue tea will help you enhance skin glow, improve eyesight and manage weight. Blue tea can also be consumed as cold or iced. Blue Butterfly Pea Flower tea has been used to cleanse the body and get rid of stress. Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea is also known as Asian Pigeon Wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea, and Darwin pea, and is a perfect brain-boosting herb from tropical equatorial Asia. Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea can be enjoyed both hot or cold. Clitoria Ternatea has been used for centuries to enhance memory, boost brain power and reduce stress. This tea is extremely rich in antioxidants, flavonoids. It is a caffeine-free herbal tea, which cleanses the body and improves hair and skin health.

    • ManufacturerTeacurry
    • Starting Price: Rs.539.00 for 30 Teabags Teacurry as on 1 January 2024.
    • Taste: Teacurry herbal Blue Tea Detox is full of antioxidants and has no preservatives or artificial flavours. Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea has a sweet floral taste, with dominant notes of steamed rice in the beginning to softer notes of cooked beans in the middle and lastly similar to a crust of dry brown bread.
    • Ingredients: Dried blue pea flowers
    • Aroma: Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea has strong notes of steamed rice.
    • Rating : 5.0 /5.0 (Based on 93 Customer Reviews as on 1 January 2024).
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Not included.
  • Benefits:
      •   Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea has been found to be very useful for the hair. It has all the properties that nourishes hair follicles, promotes hair growth, prevents greying of hair and reduces hair fall. 
      •  Blue herbal tea is full of antioxidants, which reverses the damage caused to the skin by sugar molecules.
      •   Blue butterfly green tea boosts brain activity and reduces anxiety. It enhances cognitive function and calming effect.
      •  Blue tea is known to be very effective in treating retinal damage and blurred vision.

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    Blue Butterfly Tea

    Benefit of Blue Butterfly TeaTeacurry licensed under CC BY2.0

    2. BLUE TEA - Butterfly Pea Flower

    Perfect blend of Cinnamon blended with Butterfly Pea Flowers. One of the most expensive flowers used in teas blended together to give perfect balance of health benefit and lovely blue color in a tea cup. Blue pea has one of the highest Anti Oxidants and flavonoids content. Lavender is known to induce calm mind, de-stresses body and helps in sound sleep. Flavor of Tea : Mild and earthy fragrance with hint of natural sweet. Flowers are naturally sweet and tea is not bitter like Green Teas. Enjoy the tea in Day time with Lemon & Honey to see it turn purple. Enjoy the tea after dinner for calm sleep and de-stressing mind.

    • Manufacturer: Blue Tea
    • Starting Price: Rs.349.00 for 30 Teabags Amazon as on 1 January 2024.
    • Taste: Butterfly Pea Flower Cinnamon
    • Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flower
    • Aroma: Cinnamon
    • Rating: 4.2/ 5.0 (Based on 8 customer reviews as on 1 January 2024).
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Not included
    • Benefits:
      • Good for hair and skin
      • Boost Brain Activity and Reduces Anxiety
      • Improve Eyesight
      • Natural colorant and taste 
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    Blue Butterfly Tea

    Benefit of Blue Butterfly FlowerAmazon licensed under CC BY2.0

    3.The Tea Trove - Blue Tea Butterfly Pea Flower Tea 

    100% ORGANIC, Real and Pure Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers in a zipper bag , Easy to store and keep freshness! Prepare a Beautifully brillient blue tea and drinks! Can also be used as a natural food colorant to add originality and creativity to your dishes. Squeeze a little lemon in and watch the nice deep blue color turn purple. You will not be sure what's more amazing, the fascinating color or the unique earthy taste. Heck, you will love them both! The Majestic Herbs Butterfly Pea Flowers are awesome!! Packed with antioxidants, Relaxing, Slow Aging Process, Hair Treatments (use it in shampoo ingredients) and many other health benefits, the flowers make is not only great for you, but you can't beat the beautiful blue color!

    • Manufacturer: The Tea Trove 
    • Starting Price: Rs.295.00 for 25 Grams Amazon as on 1 January 2024.
    • Taste: Honey, Lemon
    • Ingredients: Blue pea flower
    • Rating: 4.3/ 5.0 (Based on15 customer reviews as on 1 January 2024).
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Not included
    • Benefits:
      • Helps to reduce Weight Loss.
      • Improves brain health
      • Provides skin glow

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    Blue Butterfly Tea

    Benefits of Blue Butterfly Tea, Amazon licensed under CC BY2.0

    4. Ausum Tea Butterfly Blue Pea Flower & Chamomile Tea 

    A brain-boosting concoction to power you up anytime, day or night! Naturally dried Blue Pea Flower with Chamomile is a great ‘pick me up’ in the mid-afternoon. Known for its luminous indigo colour, Butterfly Pea has traditionally been used as a vegetable in cooking, to colour deserts or to make a strikingly vibrant coloured tea. It is known for its impact on improving cognitive ability and memory. It also has a positive impact on hair growth and helps reduce signs of ageing. Chamomile is a natural fighter against allergies to keep those sneezes at bay. It helps keep anxiety in check and puts you in a relaxed state of mind.

    • Manufacturer: Ausum Tea
    • Starting Price: Rs.330 for 16 Tea Bags Amazon as on 21 January 2024.
    • Taste: Chamomile
    • Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flower, Chamomile Flower
    • Rating: 4.3/ 5.0 (Based on 75 customer reviews as on 1 January 2024)
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Not included
    • Benefits:
      • Blue Butterfly pea flower is a striking flower considered as an amazing brain boosting herb, native to tropical equatorial Asia.
      • memory enhancer, brain booster, anti-stress and calmative agent.
      • enhance its stress relieving and giving a peaceful and alleviating sleep.

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    Blue Butterfly Tea

    Benefit of Blue Butterfly Tea , Amazon licensed under CC BY2.0

     5. Vedapure Natural Blue Tea

    Natural colorant and taste. it has amazing intense blue color and has an all natural earth tasteNo bitterness. Used worldwide in iced tea, cocktails and mock tails. It can be consumed as a hot tea or can be paired with lemonade or other cold brews. It is a natural colorant for food items like rice, cakes etc.

    • Manufacturer: Veda Pure
    • Starting Price: Rs.217 for 25 Grams Amazon as on 1 January 2024.
    • Taste: Blueberry
    • Ingredients: Blue Tea,Pea Flower
    • Rating: 4.1/ 5.0 (Based on 13 customer reviews as on 09 November
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Not included
    • Benefits:
    • butterfly pea flower is high on anti-oxidant.
    • These powerful bio-compounds help the body fight free radicals. 
    • toxic and cause premature ageing.

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    Blue Butterfly Tea

    Benefit of Butterfly flower Tea, Amazon licensed under CC BY2.0

     So, above is the list of 5 best Blue butterfly teas available in India as in 2024. Teacurry hopes that you thoroughly enjoyed the above research and found it very helpful to decide your own wellness fertility tea. Please let us know in the comment section below which of the teas really worked for you and what all did you like about those brands. In case of questions or suggestions please reach us on tea@teacurry.com and we would be more than happy to assist.

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