Best Anti Ageing Teas in India

7 Best Anti Ageing Teas in United States as in 2024

Anti Ageing Tea helps nourish your skin and hair from environmental damages and helps prevent the signs of premature ageing. Skincare and hair care usually become the last priority for most women and especially men, but it’s important to note that great skin and hair in your 40s and 50s is always the result of adequate care and attention in your 20s and 30s. Anti Aging Teas are suitable for all age groups and all skin and hair types.

Find below an extensive list of best Anti Aging Teas in India as in 2024. This list has been created based on customer reviews, customer testimonials, flavors, taste and price.  

1. Teacurry - Anti Aging Tea

    Teacurry 60 Day Anti Ageing Tea works towards brightening your complexion and reducing dark spots and pigmentation. If you're looking to control excess sebum production and something to help with acne, then surely use this tea. It is enriched with antibacterial properties of Ashwagandha, Hibiscus and Licorice. It also helps repair damaged skin and soothes breakouts. Teacurry 60 Day anti-ageing Tea is made with natural ingredients and to get optimum results, you should incorporate this, in a suitable morning and night routine which should be followed regularly. Generally speaking, it takes about 50-60 days for skin and hair cells to turn over, which means that this tea requires at least two months of use before you can see drastic results. In about 3-4 weeks, you may start noticing your skin to look brighter, better hydrated and removal of fine lines and pigmentation. (Source : Anti Aging Tea for Skin Glow, Hair Care and Premature Aging, Teacurry, Retrieved on 1 January 2024).

    • Manufacturer: Teacurry
    • Starting Price: Rs. 379 for 15 Tea bag Pack(Based on Amazon as on 1 January 2024)
    • Taste:  Anti Ageing Tea tastes sweet tangy with distinct notes of spices because of presence of ashwagandha, hibiscus, along with Mulethi. It is delicate on your palate and is available in both forms - Anti Ageing Tea bags and Anti Ageing loose tea leaf.
    • Ingredients: Anti-ageing tea is a unique blend of pure butterfly blue pea flowers of the Clitoria Ternatea plant sourced from the Andaman, Indian Moringa in form of Moringa Oleifera is sourced from farmlands in Kerala, Poshita variety of Ashwagandha from Harayana, Roselle Hibiscus from Mysore, Glycyrrhiza glabra Liquorice from Punjab, Turmeric Curcumin Longa (premium variety) sourced from farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Cassia cinnamon from Meghalaya.
    • Aroma: The tea has a distinct sweet spicy aroma with notes of hibiscus. The aroma can be compared to fresh spices left in the sun.
    • Rating: 5.0 /5.0 (based on 46 verified customer reviews as on 1 January 2024).
    • 100% Natural : Yes
    • Caffeine Free : Yes
    • Dietary Plan: Yes a free diet plan is included.
    • Benefits:
      • Helps to repair damaged skin and soothes breakouts
      • Helps for maintain hair from age effect and environmental damages.
      • Tea works towards brightening your complexion.
      • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation.
      • Helps the body fight free radicals.
      • Helps prevent signs of premature ageing.
    • Link to Shop:  Shop on Amazon
    Anti Ageing Tea | For Skin Glow, Hair Care & Premature Ageing

    Benefit of Anti Aging, Teacurry licensed under CC BY 2.0

    2. Blue Tea - Butterfly Pea Tea Anti Aging

      Blue Tea present hectic lifestyle posing serious danger to people health, affects of which are shown in people skin. But nature has solution for it in form of Butterfly Pea Flower. So Blue Tea India provides an exotic caffeine free skin glow tea pack(Source: Butterfly Anti Aging pea teaBlue Tea, Retrieved on 1 January 2024)

      • Manufacturer: Blue Tea
      • Starting Price: Rs. 265 for 12 Teabags(Based on Amazon as on 1 January 2024)
      • Taste and Aroma: Anti Ageing Tea
      • Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flower, Moroccan Mint, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Lavender, Stevia leaves ( madhu tulsi).
      • Rating: 3.3/ 5.0 (Based on 53 verified customer reviews as on 1 January 2024)
      • 100% Natural : Yes
      • Caffeine Free : Yes
      • Dietary Plan: Not included
      • Benefits:
        • Help to delay the aging of the skin
        • Stop the harmful effects of free radicals that damage and degrade skin.
        • Stimulation of serotonin and acetylcholine
        • Enhances cognitive function
        • Reducing stress and anxiety
        • Increases blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes.
      • Link to Shop: Shop on Amazon
        Anti Aging tea of Blue tea

        Butter Fly Pea Tea Anti Aging Blue tea,licensed under CC BY 2.0

        3.Tree Some - Anti Aging Sip Harbal Tea

          Tree Some Teas contain unbroken-whole leaves that retain the flavour profile of the tea to the fullest extent. A cup of TreeSome Herbal, Green & Black Tea helps cleanse from within, from all those pollutants and toxins that our bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. From these tea gardens we hand-select the leaves that will shape your next TreeSome moment.(Source: Tree Some Anti Age Sip Herbals Tisane Herbal Detox tea, Amazon Retrieved on 1 January 2024)

          • Manufacturer: Tree Some
          • Starting Price: Rs. 419 for 100 Grams(Based on Amazon as on 1 January 2024)
          • Taste and Aroma: Basil, innovative flavours and botanicals
          • Ingredients: Tulsi, Rhododendron
          • Rating on Amazon: 3.7 / 5.0 (based on 19 verified customer reviews as on 1 January 2024)
          • 100% Natural : Yes
          • Caffeine Free : Yes
          • Dietary Plan: Not included
          • Benefits:
            • Rhododendron for Anti Ageing
            • Glowing Skin
            • Healthy Hair
            • Immunity Support
          • Link to Shop:  Shop on Mensxp
          Treesome Anti Aging Sip Harbal Tea

          Treesome Anti Aging Sip Harbal tea, Amazon  licensed under CC BY 2.0

          4. Good Vibes Plus - Anti Ageing Green Tea

            Sip your way toward good health with Good Vibes Plus Green Tea. Tea exhibit properties that help reduce redness caused by acne and prevent the bould up of bacteria in pores and helps delay the effects of premature ageing. Toghter, it is made to enhance your overall health and helps boost metabolish.(Source : Good Vibes plus Anti Ageing Green Tea, Purplle, Retrieved on 1 January 2024)

            • Manufacturer: Good Vibes
            • Starting Price: Rs. 270 for 50 Grams(Based on Good Vibes as on 1 January 2024)
            • Taste and Aroma: Fresh mix taste with natural nourishment.
            • Ingredients: Amalaki, Amla Oil, Amla Pearl Complex, Gooseberry, Peppermint, Peppermint Oil
            • Rating: 4.4/ 5.0 (Based on 69 verified customer reviews as on 1 January 2024)
            • 100% Natural : Yes
            • Caffeine Free : Yes
            • Dietary Plan: Not included
            • Benefits:
              • Helps delay the effects of premature ageing
              • Rhododendron for Anti Ageing
              • Deep Pore Cleansing
              • Maintains Health
              • Boosts Immunity
            • Link to Shop: Shop on Good Vibes

            Good Vibes  Anti Aging Tea, Purplle licensed under CC BY 2.0

              5. Rdhika - Organic Tea Anti Ageing Green Leaf

                Radhikas Fine Teas Green leaf tea is organic tea. All the way from tea plantation Sivitar, Darjeeling, thus no middlemen brewed leaves in gardens and potted plants as a substitute for manure. This tea leaf is infused with antioxidants and anti-aging properties, thanks to the 100% certified biodynamic gardens.(Source : Organic Tea Anti Aging Green Leaf, Organikness Retrieved on 1 January 2024)

                • Manufacturer: Radhika Fine Tea
                • Starting Price: Rs. 298 for 50 Grams (Based on 1mg as on 1 January 2024)
                • Taste and Aroma: Anti Aging Tea
                • Ingredients:  Organic Darjeeling Green Leaf
                • Rating on Amazon: 4.0/ 5.0 (Based on 89 verified customer reviews Nykaa as on 1 January 2024)
                • 100% Natural : Yes
                • Caffeine Free : Medium
                • Dietary Plan: Not included
                • Benefits:
                  • Revvs up metabolism.
                  • Energises and keeps fatigue at bay.
                  • Kills free radicals thus keeping all diseases at bay
                  • Looks after heart health.
                  • Doesn't play with sugar levels.
                • Link to Shop:  Shop on FlipKart

                Organic tea Anti Aging Green Lea, Oragnikness licensed under CC BY 2.0

                6. Deja Brew - Anti Aging Tea Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

                Deja Brew  Anti Aging Tea aims at playing with different tea leaves in the most coveted and thoughtful way to create embellishments that can be cherished by one and all. The handpicked tea leaves are grown in a pollution-free environment which are rich in engrossing flavors, intoxicating aroma and are blended with 100% natural ingredients. These teas are a storehouse of health benefits. Let every sip have a mesmerizing effect on you and leave you amazed with a delightful cup of tea.(Source: Anti Aging Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, Deja Brew, Retrieved as on 1 January 2024 )

                • Manufacturer: Deja Brew
                • Starting Price: Rs.329 for 50 Grams (Based on Amazon as on 1 January 2024)
                • Taste and Aroma: Buttefly Tea, the earthy and woody taste of butterfly pea tea will connect you to the roots. To spruce up the drink, The aroma of the liquor is distinctly of dried rice with vegetal notes.
                • Ingredients: Dried Butterfly pea flower
                • Rating: 4.3/5.0 (Based on 4 customer views FlipKart as on 1 January 2024)
                • 100% Natural : Yes
                • Caffeine Free : Yes
                • Dietary Plan: Not included
                • Benefits:
                  • Rhododendron for Anti Ageing properties.
                  • Anti-oxidants in the tea soothe the digestive system.
                  • Speeds up metabolism and helps to burn fats.
                  • Improves eyesight and memory.
                  • Good for hair, skin and beauty.
                  • Helps prevent UTI as this tea is a natural diuretic.
                  • A superb stress buster and lightens the mood.
                • Link to Shop: Shop on Amazon
                  Deja brew Anti Aging tea

                  Deja Brew Anti Aging Tea, Flipkartlicensed under CC BY 2.0

                  7. Happy Detox Tea -  Beauty And Anti Aging Tea  

                  Happy Detox Tea are made from 100% natural. It’s the tea which undergoes the least transformation from its origin as fresh leaves from the tea plant, and its varieties are some of the most sought-after. This tea is particularly well-known for its antioxidant properties. It’s the ultimate anti-ageing tea! Happy detox offers slimming and detox programs. (Source: Beauty and Anti Aging Tea Anti Imperfection and hydration, Facebook  Retrieved on 1 January 2024)

                  • Manufacturer: Happy Detox Tea
                  • Starting Price: Rs. 1598 (Based on Euro in 17.90 on Happy Detox Tea as on 1 January 2024)
                  • Taste and Aroma: Has a green tea taste. 
                  • Ingredients: Fujian white tea, Chinese hawthorn, Burdock, Chamomile
                  • Rating: 5.0/5.0 (Based on 28 Customer reviews Happy Detox Tea As on 1 January 2024)
                  • 100% Natural : Yes
                  • Caffeine Free : No
                  • Dietary Plan: Yes
                  • Benefits:
                    • Rhododendron for Anti Ageing
                    • Glowing, youthful skin
                    • Strength and vitality of the hair
                    • Boosts energy levels
                    • Eliminates toxins
                    • Fights fatigue
                    • Increases resistance
                    • Reduces stress and anxiety
                  • Link to Shop: Shop on Happy Detox tea
                  BEAUTY AND ANTI-AGING TEA

                  Beauty And Anti Aging Tea, Happy Detox Tealicensed under CC BY 2.0

                  So, here was a complete list of best Anti Aging Teas in the market as in 2024. hopes that you thoroughly enjoyed the above research and found it very helpful to decide your own wellness tea. Please let us know in the comment section below which of the teas really worked for you and what all did you like about the brand. In case of questions or suggestions please reach us on and we would be more than happy to assist.

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