The Benefit of Essiac Tea in Cancer Treatment

Essiac Tea - Benefits, Uses, and Recipes

Essiac tea is a popular herbal blend that is popular all over the globe! It has been used as an alternative cure for cancer for decades although scientific studies are needed to back this claim! On the flip side, it is clinically proven that Essiac tea does come packed with antioxidants that help in protecting human cells from free radical damage! This post will take a look into the drink’s history, the health benefits essiac tea can offer, and some possible side effects followed by some FAQs. Let’s get right to it then, shall we!?

What is Essiac Tea?

Essiac tea is an herbal drink (Reference Essiac Tea for, retrieved on 1 January 2024) made from the following herbal

ingredients –

  • Burdock root
  • Rhubarb root
  • Sheep sorrel and
  • Slippery elm bark. 
Does Essiac Tea help

 Does Essiac Tea help?, Healthy But, Google Images, licensed under CC BY 2.0

What is the history of Essiac Tea?

Essiac tea has been a household name since 1922! Nurse Rene Caisse of Canada popularized the tea. She was given the recipe for the tea by a Canadian Ojibwa Indian. Nurse Rene was born in Ontario’s Bracebridge. (Reference History of ESSIAC®, ESSIAC Canada International, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

Vedio Source : What is Essiac, Eco Friends, Oneline Vedio Clip. You Tube Uploaded on 11 jan 2013. Retrived 1 January 2024. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Fun Fact – Essiac is just Nurse Rene’s last name spelled backward!

Nurse Rene devoted her life as a nurse and from 1922 to 1978, she gave essiac tea as a herbal supplement to thousands of patients visiting her clinic which was located at Ontario’s Bracebridge, in Canada. In the year 1977, Nurse Rene sold the rights of the essiac tea to a company called Resperin Corporation Limited. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Dr. Charles Brusch. The good doctor was from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Later, on May 29th, 1995, Resperin transferred the rights of essiac tea to Essiac Canada International which currently oversees the production and distribution of the formula worldwide!


Herbal Tea Plants - What Plants Are Good For Making Tea

Herbal Tea Plants - What Plants Are Good For Making Tea, Gardening Know How, Google Images, licensed under CC BY 2.0

What are the benefits of Essiac Tea?

Consuming essiac tea daily but in limited amounts has many upsides. Here is a rundown of some notable(Reference- Does Essiac Tea Help Fight Cancer? Or Is This Hype?Dr. Axe, retrieved on 1 January 2024) Essiac tea benefits -
  • It is a known antioxidant and as per some studies conducted on cancer cells on test tubes and in animals, it has also proved its merit to mitigate the spread of the disease! However, more studies need to be conducted to back up the claims that it can destroy cancer cells in humans!
  • Essiac tea has anti-inflammatory This is great news for people who suffer from chronic inflammation and pain – typical symptoms in patients diagnosed with arthritis, HIV, and cancer!
  • Essiac tea promotes full-body detoxification. It does this by simply boosting the overall functions of the lymphatic system.
  • Essiac tea also cleanses the liver!

    What are the mesothelioma symptoms?

    Malignant mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the thin protective layer of tissue that surrounds all major internal organs in humans. It is a deadly and aggressive form of cancer that is still incurable for most, if not all patients who are diagnosed with this rare cancer type! Mesothelioma is divided by doctors into different categories based on the internal organs it affects. (Reference Mesothelioma, Mayo Clinic, retrieved on 1 January 2024)Some of them are -   Pleural mesothelioma – it affects the tissue surrounding the lungs. Its symptoms coincide with that of asbestos symptoms as it affects people who work or worked in factories associated with the fabrication of fiberglass! Peritoneal mesothelioma, etc. Peritoneal mesothelioma - it affects the abdominal tissue. This category of mesothelioma symptoms are typical of the following types –

    • Abdominal pain
    • Abdominal swelling
    • Nausea and
    • Unexplained weight loss.

    How does Essiac Tea work against Mesothelioma?

    The results of clinical studies about the effects of essiac tea on mesothelioma were compiled and made ready for publication way back in the 1970s but were kept hidden, for some unknown reasons! Some results were made public where cancer cells on test tubes or inside lab animals were subjected to the potency of essiac tea. These results are not to be considered as they are not peer-reviewed. No human trials were ever conducted that could prove that essiac tea can cure or at least mitigate mesothelioma!(Reference Essiac Tea for Mesothelioma,, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

    What does Essiac Tea taste like?

    Essiac tea has a flavorless taste. It doesn’t have strong aromas as well! To make it more palatable, it is best one adds natural sweeteners like honey or mix the same with orange juice. (Reference 3 Amazing Essiac Tea Benefits for Health + RecipeHealy Eats Real, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

    What are the side effects of Essiac Tea?

    Drinking Essiac tea in limited amounts is beneficial but overdoing it could lead to some side effects like –(Reference Essiac Tea: Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects, Healthline, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • frequent urination
    • increased bowel movements
    • Skin issues
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Headaches and
    • Swollen glands.

      What is the recipe for classic Essiac Tea?

      Essiac tea comes with many benefits hence it is natural for one to include it in their daily health regime. To make essiac tea one would need the following ingredients (Reference 3 Amazing Essiac Tea Benefits for Health + Recipe, Healy Eats Real, retrieved on 1 January 2024) and should abide by the instructions below: 

      Ayurvedic Herbal Tea

       Ayurvedic Herbal Tea, India Mart, Google Images, licensed under CC BY 2.0


      • Around four ounces of Essiac Tea powder – equivalent to about one and 1/4th of a cup!
      • Around 136 ounces of water – equivalent to about seventeen cups!


        • Boil the water in a pot.
        • Reduce the heat and set it to ‘medium’.
        • Add the essiac tea powder
        • Let the mixture simmer for about ten minutes. Don’t forget to keep the pot partially covered with a lid. You would also need to stir the mixture occasionally.
        • After ten minutes, turn off the heat and leave the tea-mixture covered and undisturbed for 12 hours straight!
        • Strain a cup and enjoy it.
        • Leave the rest in a glass container, do not strain the same. Be sure to store the tea in a refrigerator.

          How much Essiac Tea should you drink?

          One should drink essiac tea at a limited dose of 3 ounces, not more than three times a day. In case one is witnessing side effects in their body then they should half the recommended dose and gradually work it up to the recommended dose to mitigate the side effects! (Reference Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Our Organic Essiac TeaDiscount Essiac Tea, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q. Can you drink Essiac Tea every day? Yes, you can drink essiac tea every day given you are sticking to the advice of your doctor and the dosage instructions mentioned in the section above! 

          Q. Does Essiac Tea reduce belly fat? There is no medical study or paper to back the claim that essiac tea reduces belly fat. 

          Q. Should you drink essiac tea hot or cold? Should you drink the tea on an empty stomach or should your drink it after a meal!? It is best to drink essiac tea cold and on an empty stomach. After downing a cup of essiac tea, one should wait at least an hour before having a bite to eat. (Reference Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Our Organic Essiac Tea, Discount Essiac Tea, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

          Q. Can pregnant women or nursing mothers drink essiac tea? No, pregnant women or nursing mothers should avoid drinking essiac tea as, according to some studies, the tea can stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells! (Reference Essiac Tea: Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects, Healthline, retrieved on 1 January 2024)

          Q. Can you take essiac tea even when you are taking prescription drugs! Yes, you can take essiac tea even when you are taking prescription medications.(Reference Find Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Our Organic Essiac Tea, Discount Essiac Tea, retrieved on 1 January 2024

          Q. Does Essiac Tea contain caffeine? No, there's no caffeine in Essiac tea. (Reference Does this tea contain caffeine?, Amazon, retrieved on 1 January 2024

          Essiac Tea has lots to offer but one should stick to the dosage instructions for the best results. We at always promote tea recipes and herbs that are safe. We do that by conducting thorough research but there are always chances that we might fall short of providing the full picture! After all, we are internet people and not experts! Hence, consult with your doctor or dietician before you start drinking essiac tea, regularly. With that stated, if you have suggestions, opinions, or experiences that you want to share regarding this herbal drink then leave them in the comments section below! We love to hear from our readers!

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