Teacurry Premium Slimming Gift Box Loose Tea
4 Teas in Premium Slimming Gift Box
Premium Slimming Gift Set
Benefits of Slimming and Detox
Benefits of Slimming and Detox
Premium Slimming Gift Box with Loose Tea
Teacurry Story
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Teacurry Premium Slimming Gift Box Loose Tea
4 Teas in Premium Slimming Gift Box
Premium Slimming Gift Set
Benefits of Slimming and Detox
Benefits of Slimming and Detox
Premium Slimming Gift Box with Loose Tea
Teacurry Story

Slimming and Detox Gift Box - Tea Gift Set For Achieving Weight Loss (100 Grams of Loose Tea)

- 100% Natural, No Added Sugar and Vegan
- FDA, ISO, GMP and FSSAI Certified
- Everything is Natural so No Side Effects
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- Daily Dose - 1 tea bag/ 2g loose tea or 2g Powder.
- Buy 30 Teabags or 100g loose or 1 Pack of Mix for a Month Supply.

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All our teas are hand selected, hand picked and hand blended for maximum effect

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This exclusive and opulent gift set comprises four distinct varieties of Weight Loss teas designed for comprehensive weight management in both men and women. The Premium Slimming and Detox Gift Box features Slimming Tea, Himalayan Green Tea, Detox Tea, and Hibiscus Green Tea. The Slimming tea included in the Premium Slimming & Detox Gift Box aids in fat burning, contributing to a reduction in abdominal size. It targets specific areas of the body, including arms, legs, back, tummy, and chest, curbing sugar cravings and preventing overeating. Gradually, your body adjusts to regular, smaller meals, leading to a decreased desire for snacks and junk food. The Detox tea in the box helps eliminate toxins such as pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods, all of which can have detrimental effects on health. It supports weight loss, including shedding water weight, and facilitates liver detoxification while cleansing the intestines of accumulated wastes and toxins. Teacurry Detox tea, being a completely natural, plant-based tea, also enhances the immune system. Presented as a Weight Loss Gift Pack, these teas make an ideal gift for health-conscious individuals seeking immediate weight loss results. The packaging is designed to withstand long-distance travel without breakage or damage. Carefully selected from India's finest gardens and crafted by highly skilled master tasters through countless tastings, each tea boasts a unique flavor profile. Our teas strike a delightful balance between taste, health benefits, and aroma. They are gentle on the palate and offer an ideal blend for both men's and women's well-being. Importantly, our teas contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, and are vegetarian. Complying with the recommended standards of FSSAI, WHO, and NCBI, our tea blends prioritize quality and adherence to health guidelines.

No Side Effects

Teacurry Teas are all Natural
No added Sugar is present in Teacurry Teas
No artificial preservatives is present in Teacurry Teas
No artificial colors are present in Teacurry Teas
Teacurry teas are all gluten free
Teacurry teas are all vegan

Certified by Doctors and Herbalists

Beginning with a single herbalist in 1994, the TEACURRY Doctor-Herbalist partner community has grown to over 150 medical doctors and practitioners throughout India and some abroad. These Doctor partners are at the heart of Teacurry's mission and vision — to serve each individual dedicated to healthy conscious living by providing true wellness solutions. As you move ahead in your journey of #aBetterYou, Teacurry wants to ensure that you achieve the best fitness, physically and mentally, with high-quality clean plant-based Nutrition - the one that your body truly deserves. Read More

Teacurry Doctors
Green tea - Not only helps in losing belly fat but also boosts your metabolismIn Conversation With Yogesh Agarwal - BW WellbeingworldBeauty Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea: How This Flower Tea Helps With Your Skin And Hair ConcernsIndia Tea Export Decraese Due To Russia-ukraine War, Decline In Tea Exports To Russia-east European Countries - ठंडी पड़ी भारतीय चाय: रूस-युक्रेन युद्ध के चलते निर्यात घटने के आसार, श्रीलंका के हालात का भी फायदा नहीं उठा पा रहा देश - Amar Ujala Hindi News LiveTeacurry combines Ayurvedic wisdom and modern-day technologyTeacurry is Co Created with Herbalists


Premium Slimming & Detox Gift Box consists of a powerful blend of Green tea leaves from Assam, Hibiscus, Green Tea Leaves from the Himalayas, mighty ginger from Orissa, Cassia Cinnamon from Meghalaya, Black Pepper, Cardamom, rose petals, clove and bay leaves, Dried Hibiscus Flowers (hibiscus roselle variety).


  • Premium Slimming & Detox Gift Box features Slimming Tea designed to aid fat burn and promote tummy reduction.
  • Targets 5 specific areas in the body: arms, legs, back, tummy, and chest.
  • Effectively reduces sugar cravings, curbing excess eating and promoting portion control.
  • Promotes adjustment to regular, smaller meals, reducing the desire for snacks and junk food.
  • Detox Tea in the box eliminates toxins like pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods.
  • Supports weight loss, including shedding water weight, and aids liver detoxification and intestinal cleansing.

Kiku Sharda with Teacurry Teas






Very Low


Drink Plain, Lemon, Honey, Sugar

Why you should Buy

Delectable Crunchy Flavor

Carefully chosen from the best gardens in India and curated by expert master tasters through countless tastings, each tea in the Premium Slimming and Detox Gift Box boasts its distinctive flavor. This exclusive collection features four tea varieties: the Slimming tea delights with its gentle, sweet, and refreshing notes, the Himalayan Green tea offers a pleasing savory taste, the Detox tea tantalizes with its spicy and refreshing flavor, and the hibiscus green tea presents a unique profile that combines fruity and astringent notes.

Exclusive Assortment Selection

The Deluxe Slimming and Detox Gift Box collection includes a variety of four Wellness Teas designed to promote overall weight loss for both men and women. This exquisite gift set is elegantly packaged in a luxurious starboard box of high-quality craftsmanship. The Premium Slimming & Detox Gift Box features teas presented in their premium full leaf state, allowing each ingredient to be distinctly visible—no broken leaves, only whole and intact ones.

Express Tea Detox

Teacurry Detox tea, found inside the box, aids in eliminating toxins such as pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods that can adversely impact health. This tea facilitates the reduction of excess weight, including water weight, and contributes to liver detoxification. Additionally, it supports the cleansing of the intestines by removing accumulated wastes and toxins. As an entirely natural, plant-based tea, Teacurry Detox tea also enhances the immune system.

Effective For Weight Loss

The Slimming Tea featured in the Premium Slimming & Detox Gift Box supports fat burning, aiding in the reduction of belly size. It targets five specific areas of the body: arms, legs, back, abdomen, and chest. This tea helps diminish sugar cravings, preventing overeating. Over time, your body adapts to regular but smaller meals, and the urge for snacks and junk food significantly decreases.

Tea Of Genuine Excellence

The Premium Slimming and Detox Gift Box derives its ingredients from top-notch certified tea plantations and reputable herb providers, guaranteeing the highest quality for our teas. All our ingredients are entirely natural, devoid of any artificial flavors, colors, or additives. We prioritize maintaining the authenticity of our herbs to ensure our customers receive maximum health benefits.

Pure Green Label

Teacurry a globally recognized tea brand delivering to over 45 countries, takes pride in being an eco-friendly and plastic-neutral brand. Committed to offsetting its carbon footprint, Teacurry actively participates in environmental initiatives in India, such as reforestation projects and rainwater harvesting. We uphold our social responsibilities by educating and ensuring the well-being of our farmers and their families.

Certified and Scientific

Teacurry is FDA Certified
Teacurry is ISO Certified
Teacurry is GMP Certified
Teacurry is Non GMO Certified
Teacurry uses Scientifically Proved Ingredients
Teacurry is Co Created with Herbalists


The Premium Slimming and Detox Gift Box features four tea varieties. The Slimming tea boasts a gently sweet and refreshing flavor, while the Himalayan Green tea offers a delightful savory taste.


Slimming tea exudes a refreshing minty sweetness, whereas Himalayan Green tea carries a vegetal, earthy aroma. Detox tea emanates a sweet, rosy scent, and Hibiscus Green tea.

Hot Tea - Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea


Slimming tea exhibits a sun-drenched golden hue with a hint of red, Himalayan Green tea presents a yellowish-green color, and Detox tea boasts a radiant golden appearance.


The Premium Slimming Detox Gift Box features teas in a high-quality full leaf form, ensuring that each ingredient is distinctly visible, unbroken, and presented in its entirety.

Steps to Prepare

  • TIMING - Being a Gift Box, these teas are more premium assorted taster packs. You can drink them as per your flexibility. There are no fixed timings to have these teas. Every individual is different and everybody has a different set of health matrices. It is very difficult to predict a perfect timeline for the use of the Teas, however, we have seen most individuals achieving a good visible wellness matrix in around 80-85 days of constant use for any of our teas.
  • PREPARATION FROM TEA BAG - For preparing a cup of Tea - dip 2 grams of the loose tea in 200 ml of boiled water (at 95 ˚C). It is suggested not to boil the tea leaves directly on fire. Cover the cup with a lid and let it stay for around 5 minutes till a beautiful color appears. Once a strong color appears, strain the leaves and drink the cup. Teacurry Teas are long-leaf teas so you can store the unused tea (up to 24 hours) outside or in the fridge.
  • SPECIAL NOTES - Avoid using milk or sugar with this tea. Milk will bring down the effectiveness and Sugar is bad for health. The tea has a perfect taste, however, you still can add honey or jaggery for making it extra sweet. A few drops of lime juice can also be added if you want to make your herbal tea taste sweet and tangy. Being a herbal tea temperature will not affect the effectiveness of the tea. You can drink it hot or cold, however, the infusion of the leaves will happen best in boiled water.


Gift Pack




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January, 2024

Customers Questions & Answers

Numerous research findings indicate that individuals below the age of 13 are advised against consuming green tea or green tea extract. For pregnant women, it is recommended to limit caffeine intake to less than 300mg. Additionally, breastfeeding mothers are advised to refrain from consuming more than one cup of green tea, as the constituents may be transmitted to infants through breast milk.C

This specially crafted gift box is designed by the manufacturer to safeguard your teas from potential damage during transportation. The robust body and sturdy border provide exceptional protection against external impacts, ensuring that it can be shipped worldwide without any risk of harm.

Crafted through extensive research and refined over countless brewing sessions, this tea blend harnesses the power of Vedic petals and green tea to offer five distinct advantages. These include aiding in the reduction of blood pressure, supporting weight loss, enhancing liver health, lowering blood cholesterol, and maintaining a balance in metabolic hormones.

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