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5 Best Green Tea Brands of United States

 Green tea is made from the same Camellia sinensis buds and leaves – the plant from which all known variations of tea and tea blends are derived. The difference lies in the simple fact that the leaves and bud do not undergo the oxidation and withering processes in a tea estate that are used to make black CTC and oolong tea leaves. The history of green tea is well documented in the book called, ‘The Classic of Tea’ authored by Lu Yu – a Chinese writer during the Tang dynasty way back in 618–907 AD. Another notable book is ‘The Kissa Yojoki’, authored by a Zen priest bearing the name Eisai, way back in 1211. In the book, detailed descriptions about how green tea has positive effects on five vital organs in the human body, details about the shape of the tea plants, its flowers, and leaves. The book also gives detailed accounts about how one can grow and then process the leaves in order to make green teaNow, fast forward into the future, you might be wondering why the world fell in love with this tea variant? Well, according to the scientific community, green tea acts as a health supplement

1. What is Green Tea.

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make oolong teas and black teas. Green tea originated in China, and since then its production and manufacture has spread to other countries in East Asia.

2. Benefits of Green Teas  

From its humble origin in China centuries back, green tea has won hearts of tea lovers worldwide for its obvious goodness and sweet delicate after-taste. In case you don’t know, it is produced from the same Camellia sinensis plant which sources our black teas. The difference lies in production process. Green tea is not heavily oxidized unlike, black and oolong teas and it helps to keep qualities of natural anti-oxidants intact. We shall discuss the best 6 benefits of green tea here.

2.1 Impact on heart diseases

Death from cardiovascular diseases reduces in correlation with green tea consumption as per various observational studies. Even a slight increase in consumption of green tea, by a cup daily, reduces occurrence of death from cardio vascular problems by 5%. Scientists confirm that regular green tea consumption reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

2.2 Reducing diabetes mellitus

In case you don’t know, diabetes mellitus is a condition of high glucose level in blood. Consumption of green tea reduces fasting level of blood glucose. Polyphenols and flavonoids in green tea, due to their anti-oxidative properties, reduce free radicals and counter oxidative stress, a key cause behind insulin-resistance and diabetes.

2.3 Countering your obesity

Green tea is known to have strong preventive effect on weight gain. Caffeine in green tea and the natural anti-oxidants help burning accumulated fat. It increases base metabolic rate and help us burn calorie as well as fat. It has been observed that infusion of green tea and honey is particularly effective for losing weight. It keeps you active throughout the day while you are in your fitness regime.

3. How does Green tea help

green tea improves the overall quality of life. Okay, any other reasons why the drink became so popular especially in Asian countries like United States? Well, there are tons of other reasons why green tea is considered as one of the most popular beverages in United States. Some of them are as follows –

  • This particular variation of tea, according to the scientific communities in United States and abroad, is packed with polyphenols. This is a group of natural compounds found only in tea plants that have anti-inflammatory abilities and can possibly keep cancer away, as well.
  • It also contains EGCG – otherwise known as catechins that are known for their anti-oxidation properties.
  • Green tea is also packed with tedious amounts of minerals that make it a pretty healthy beverage.

    4. List of 5 Best Green Tea Brand of United States 

    By now, it is easy to see why tea manufacturing companies in United States will add green tea into their product range. With that stated, here is a rundown about some of the best selling green tea brands in United States as of 2024. This is based on customer reviews, price range and variants of green tea.

    4.1 TeaCurry 

    Teacurry is a premium United States tea company, with a global footprint. It was previously known as The Packaging Center. It was established in 1994. Its parent company is Grey Mantra Solutions and its . It is one of those companies that have started nothing short of a tea revolution in United States. The company began by popularizing the traditional variants of tea leaves available in United States. They did that not only within the nation but also chose to familiarize the world with the tea variants United States has to offer. They offer premium quality products at reasonable rates.

                 Green tea,  Amazon,  Licensed under CC BY 2.0

                4.2 Yogi Tea

                Yogi Tea is the brainchild of Harbhajan Singh Khalsa who founded the company in 1984. It was based in LA, US but later on, in the year 1992, it moved its HQ to Eugene, OR, USA. The brand has a strong foothold both in North America and Europe. It has its manufacturing facility located in Springfield, Oregon, and corporate offices located in Portland, Oregon. Its registered name is East West Tea Company LLC. It Europe, the company has its manufacturing facility located in Imola, Italy which has been operational since 2001 and operates using a local business bearing the name TeaPak. It also has a branch in Germany and is known as YOGI TEA GmbH. (Source - Wikipedia)

                   Yogi TeaGoogle ImageLicensed under CC BY 2.0

                    4.3 Lipton tea

                    Lipton is a British tea brand. It is owned by Unilever. The company was founded by Sir Thomas Lipton. Apart from selling green tea and Darjeeling tea, the brand also sells ready-to-drink beverages and a plethora of blended tea bags. Globally, Lipton tea bags are sold through the renowned British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company Unilever In India, Lipton sells iced tea as well as green tea leaves and Darjeeling tea leaves. It is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited. The Darjeeling tea bags sold by Lipton in United States are sourced by the company from certified tea estates thus ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the best cup of tea, every time. (Lipton, HUL) The green tea bags sold by Lipton are popular all over the globe due to its fresh, non-bitter, and light taste.

                      Unilever likely put Lipton Tea, Business Standard, Google ImagesLicensed under CC BY 2.0

                        4.4 Twinings tea

                        Twinings was founded by Thomas Twining, a resident of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, way back in the year 1706. He opened up his store at No. 216 Strand, London, in 1706. The shop is still operational today. The logo of the brand has remained unchanged since its registration in 1706 and became one of the oldest logo designs in the world.

                            Twinings tea Google Images, Licensed under CC BY 2.0

                              4.5 Tetley green tea

                              Tetley is the brainchild of Joseph and Edward Tetley. They jointly founded the company in 1837, in Yorkshire, England. The company is the largest tea producer in the UK as well as Canada and the second largest in the USA when one considered its annual production volume. Way back in 2000, the company was acquired by Tata Consumer Products, which is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is currently the second-largest tea manufacturer in the world, after Unilever.

                                  Freelance FMCG Campaign, The concepts guy, Google ImagesLicensed under CC BY 2.0

                                    So above list of best Green tea brands in United States as in 2024 has been prepared based on customer reviews, price range and variants of green tea. Please do leave your feedback in the comments below once you have tried these brands. Also please do let us know the variants of green tea you love the most.

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